Wednesday, 12 October 2016


I'm off on my travels again.. and although I have documented many of my previous journeys in blogs and FB, this is a new blog to mark a new chapter in my life - my Winston Churchill Fellowship 2016 to research creativity and innovation in education.
My travels this time will take me to the wonderful vibrant culture of South Korea - in just three days time; and later in my first adventure to India - in December.

With some space in between journeys for reflections I hope that this record of my research and learning will reveal the insights I have wanted to share for some time.. about how we learn, what sparks our curiosity, and how we make connections across our experiences and knowledge - the creativity that underpins all our learning (or could, or should).

For those interested in where my support is coming from please check out the WCMT website here

And for those of you with a long memory - or simply interested in previous journeys undertaken by this wanderer of the planet here is a link to my first blog (started in 2001 when you could grab a title like travelupdate) here

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