Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Next chapter - India

So as the UK is battered by storm Angus, my thoughts are turning to Mumbai and Pune and Udaipur and Ahmedabad. Two weeks today, Tuesday 6 December, I'll be winging my way over to the sub-continent to continue my research into creativity, curiosity and education.
I've already realised that I've missed a great opportunity to stop by in Abu Dhabi en route and visit Little World where the inestimably talented Jen Hogan is Director. Little World
So that will be another hole in the ozone and another crater of my carbon footprint to pay a visit another time...

Ah India - let's get the priorities into perspective; I'm still looking for a test match cricket ticket in Mumbai on 8 December.
But then it's down to the research - visiting schools courtesy of Adhyayan Foundation in Mumbai.
And the University School of Education in Pune; and the beautiful city of Udaipur and the Riverside school in Amhedabad, celebrating 15 years - Riverside

I'll be in Ahmedabad for Christmas which will be a new experience in itself, away from the bosom of the family.. no overeating, no inebriation, no Xmas Specials on TV.

here are a few more pictures of Korea... to be going on with

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